COMLeY High Quality Massage Cushion

Get the high quality massage cushion at a promo price.

Original price--------------------#18,000

Promo pPice ------------------------#8,999


1. Micro-computerized controlling system with several vibrators.

2. Different massage modes are available: kneading, tapping, rolling.

3. To relieve lumbar discomfort and backache.

4. It has assistant cure effect upon chronic strain of lumbar muscle.

5. To alleviate pains caused by menstruation.

6. To relieve and relax fatigued back and lumbar muscle after a long time of office wok.

7. Convenient to use at home and office with a reliable secure adaptor {CE, UL }
8. DC 12V power is supply.

9. Multi-zones of human body massage is available.

The Comly High quality Massage cushion comes with an extra foam meant to reduce the impact of the massage motors. Hence, you feel a deep research which provides relief from pressure and soreness.

With five massage modes, distinct speeds and various levels of vibration massage, the Relaxzen 10-Motor Massage has all you need to make you comfortable and relax the muscle. The best part is that there is a remote control that can control this cushion massager.

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